Half empty coffee
Sits on the floor with the cds I’ve not yet put away
Neither belong
Where they find themselves.
But it looks good I think
It would make an interesting picture
If somebody else took it.
If I did I think it would be self-indulgent
I swear they weren’t staged

On the walls are
Heroes and influences
Only Morrissey is alive
Much to his annoyance I’m sure.
Richard and Liz are in front
He has a drink in his hand
While she shows off
Her legs
I would like a picture of
Eva Green
To remind me why people fall in love
But I think I shall place her
Away from Richard Burton
Just in case.

In the hallway
The Beatles remain constant
Early days and August 69
I like the beginning and the end
For looks that is
The music was good in the middle as well. 
There is an REM poster in the post
So that will be going up soon
Further down I have a framed photograph
Of Steve McQueen making a great escape
Away from Charlie Sheen
And I wonder why I don’t have any original thoughts……………